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About Us

We take great joy in handcrafting our products. Thank you for supporting our small business 

Dear Visitor, 

Thank you for visiting my site. My name is Miriam, Soap maker of Daffodil Gems Soaps  

Daffodil Gems soaps is a small business handcrafting in Los Angeles, California. With Its goal to bring quality products to you and help keep your skin looking and feeling amazing! 

 You will find I make a wide range of products. My products include body, lip care, mens essentials and oils. Furthermore, my crafty nature allows me to also offer party favors for your special events.

l make all my products in small batches with lots of care. I use natural ingredients and blend them together to make amazing bath and body products. 

The handcrafting of my products includes but not limited to the following ingredients. Butters & Oils, Natural Colorants, Salts, Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, Glycerin Bases and much more.

I hope you enjoy your purchase of my handmade delightful and luxurious bath and body treats . So, get comfy! Your self care awaits.   

Why Handcrafted Soap?

NO Synthetic or Chemical Additives
Soap in its true, pure form.
Buy a bar, and you’ll experience why!

Although I use natural ingredients. Everyone skin is different and you must use caution. Please test soaps as you would anything else.  If you are known to have sensitive skin or allergic reactions, then please make sure that you test all of my products on a small section for a few days. I am not liable for any adverse reactions. Please exercise your own responsibility.