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Powder Clay Mask

Daffodil Gems Soaps

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Pamper Yourself with a great Clay Mask

Activated Charcoal: Unclogs pore, removes impurities and dead skin cells.

Kaolin Clay: Helps restore and balance skin

Fuller Clay: Helps with acne prone skin, reduces oil and great cleanser

Bentonite Clay: Excellent for absorbing impurities and oils

Rose-hip Powder: Stimulates Collagen Production and Helps With Anti-Aging.


  • How to use: With the scoop provided mis 1 scoop of dry mask to equal part water or oil to form a paste. 
  • Apply to face avoiding the eye area 
  • Leave for at least 10 minutes
  • Rinse with warm water, you may use a warm washcloth
  • Follow with your daily moisturizer.